Thursday, September 02, 2004

Oh Black Water, Keep on Rollin'... Mississippi Moon won't you keep on shining on me

In keeping with the erstwhile (I'm temporarily in love with that word, don't know why) riverine theme of this blog, I give you a wonderful MSNBC feature series, "The Mighty Miss: Rediscovering America's River" to keep you occupied if you're as sick of the RNC coverage as I am. I highly recommend humming along "Black Water" by the Doobie Brothers as you do so, then dance with your daddy all night long.

I've seen the mighty Mississip a couple of times. Both while accompanying the grandparents on a roadtrip to Missouri/ Minnesota to visit relatives when I was 11 & 14. When they got all excited and said "look kids, the Mississippi!!!" I beriefly glanced up from whatever sci/fi fantasy book I was currently engrossed with in the backseat, said "it's pretty muddy!" then burrowed back into my novel. I mean, here in Oregon we have *pretty* rivers. Kind of hard to appreciate a river of mud when you're used to the Columbia River Gorge. Even if it is the shipping backbone of the continent, on whose shores battles were fought and events transpired that determined the entire fate of our national history.

But then, I hadn't yet been introduced to the Doobie Brothers, or Mark twain. Maybe if I had I'd have appreciated it a heck of a lot more.

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