Friday, October 15, 2004

The FrankenFish are Coming! Run for your lives!!!!

They've finally made it to the Great Lakes. Snip:

CHICAGO (Reuters) - The dreaded Northern Snakehead, a voracious predator dubbed the "Frankenfish" that can breathe out of water and wriggle across land, has invaded the Great Lakes, authorities said on Friday...

"These things are voracious feeders. They're a very aggressive fish," said Mike Conlin of the Department of Natural Resources. "We hope it's a stray, dumped there by somebody who got tired of feeding it."

Teams will use electric cables in the harbor to shock fish to the surface to look for more of the species, which can survive the cold Midwest winter and eats other fish, frogs and even birds and mammals. If it breeds, it could devour game fish and devastate the lakes' multibillion-dollar fishing industry.

Apparently, fish & wildlife agencies are also trying to eradicate another scary species - the "Alarmed Asian Carp" which have been known to leap from the water and knock out people in boats

Oh the HORROR!!!!! Keep your children locked up, folks! Hordes of evil Frankenfish will be crawling from lakes and streams near your home intent on devouring everything in sight.

Sounds like a really bad B flick, huh? I know, it is actually a pretty serious phenomenon. But I had to make fun. Maybe these agressive tendencies are natural defensive traits developed trying to escape high levels of mercury in the waterways? That would make for a better plotline. I see something along the lines of "The Day After Tomorow". Get me Dreamworks on the line.

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