Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Prego hormones gone amuck

Conversation over candlelit turkeyloaf dinner last night:

Me: "So did you talk to friend S. today? How’s her new job?"

Curt: "OK. Only the 19 yr old son of the owner asked her to move her car to the other end of the lot so he could park his Hummer in one of the spots right out front. "

Me: "Fucker."

Curt: "I told her I’d go wave my handicapped sticker under his nose (she got one after that car accident last year) and tell him to piss off. But then, that’s probably why I don’t have a job right now. Then, she went to register for classes & get set up to start her new graduate program but they didn’t have a record of her in the system. Apparently, there’s like a $200 deposit you have to make before you exist in the sytsem. So she’s desperately scrambling to borrow it from friends and family. "

Me: "Why does all this random bad shit always happen to her?"

Curt: "Dunno. Anyway, she called the Dean (or maybe registration did?) and he remembered her – she’d gone to the same school for her undergrad and was on the Dean’s list, so he recognized the name. He basically told Registration the school is really lucky to have someone of her caliber in the program and to do whatever it takes to just make the $200 deposit go away. "

Me: "*Breaking out in tears* Oh my God, that’s so wonderful! *sob*. It’s about time she got a break!! "

Curt: "*Horrified look on his face* Oh shit!. How in the hell am I going to deal with you being like this? "

Me: "Beats me. *blows nose* - maybe stock up on Kleenex?

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