Thursday, March 03, 2005


For a fake news show my baby John Stewart does a pretty fine job. Almost makes me want to sign up for expanded cable just so I can watch him when he airs and not via the little 5 minute blurbs Comedy Central makes available on their website. Almost.

So per last night's blurb (3/2/05, you'll have to navigate to it from the above link), NBC & Brian Williams really screwed the pooch. In an NBC Nightly News exclusive, they erroneously reported that the presiding judge of the Saddam Hussein trial was assassinated this week when, in actuality it was one of the other judges. Which wouldn't be a big deal, except they (thinking the presiding judge was dead) went ahead and aired pictures of the presumed deceased while saying "we've never aired this guy's photo before because were his face known, his life would be in incredible danger". Yeah, I'll say oops! At least when CBS screwed up, they didn't hand the terrorists a "do one assassination, get a 2nd one free!" card.

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