Tuesday, March 29, 2005

The thing about babies? The more you put in 'em, the more that comes out :) What with the 2 hour feedings, we're changing a lot of diapers. But things are getting better. I'm getting a lot more milk when I pump and didn't have to supplement with formula at all yesterday. Today's L.C. appt. confirmed it. The Fry's back up to within an ounce of his birthweight which means he's gaining well and we're on the right track. She's letting us increase time between feedings to 2 1/2 - 3 hours, thank Maude, but tells me I still need to pump more. Blah. But do-able.

Today was also his 2 week pediatrician check up, and circumcision. Yes, circumcision. I agonized over whether to do it or not, and read all the pro's and con's on all the blogs (discussion gets quite heated about the subject) and found myself agreeing with both sides of the argument. I really don't like unnecessary mutilation but also really don't like the higher incidence of STD's/ genital warts and possibly cervical cancer for sexual partners of uncut men. Yes, I know the jury is still out on the latter. But Curt was pretty set on doing it and I was swayed by the anecdotal evidence of family. To whit: from my step-Dad (ex-merchant mariner) apparently there are lots of guys in the Navy who were uncut for whom erections were incredibly painful. Basically, the foreskin doesn't expand along with the penis inside and it tears/cracks. From my Mom (E.R. nurse) , for elderly men who are uncut it get's very difficult to keep it as clean as is necessary and they are prone to getting very painful adhesions/lesions. And if you're going to do it, much better to do so as an infant than later in life when it's more painful/traumatic if those problems develop.

I only had to step outside for the initial shot of anesthetic (I just couldn't stand the gut-wrenching, unconsolable crying) but watched the rest of the procedure. The doctor used a method with minimal cutting - he makes one little incision to insert a bell like device under the foreskin that has a groove on it where a string tied tightly around the outside of the foreskin rests, cutting off blood flow to the part to be excised. It will fall off in 5 - 7 days. Curt managed to console him very well throughout.

The pediatrician says he's the picture of good health. He can already raise his head a little and is getting really strong - he'll be rolling over in no time. I'm falling more and more in love every day.

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