Friday, July 22, 2005

Got Guts?

It's going to take some to get SB1000 passed in anything like it's original form. Today's update - under pressure Minnis did let it go to committee where it was summarily "gutted" (civil union portion replaced with something called "reciprocal rights" which was an earlier alternative bill proposed in the House). Per Also-Also, it still stands a small chance if some gutsy Repubs in the House go ahead and pass the reciprocal rights bill and send it over to the Senate, who can do their own gut & stuff (replacing the reciprocal rights with civil unions); then it would *have* to go to the House floor for a vote in order to reconcile the two. But that's speculation.

Complain all you want about the initiative/ referendum process, but it's bullshit like what Minnis is pulling that forces the people to take matters into their own hands.

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