Monday, July 25, 2005

Lest we forget...

Karl Rove, Karl Rover, John Robert, John Roberts…..Roxanne reminds us not to forget Taguba.

Remember back during the Abu Ghraib scandal when both Rummy and Seymour Hersh said there were “worse” photos and video that hadn’t been released yet from the Taguba report? Photos/Video that Rummy himself characterized as “blatantly sadistic, cruel and inhuman”?

Apparently the worst was finally supposed to be released this weekend, long after the election and once the public was finally sick and tired of hearing about Abu Ghraib. But the Pentagon blocked the release at the last minute. No reason has been given so far.

As a refresher, the “much worse” in question purportedly includes the video of the rape/torture of not just women who were imprisoned, but their children who were imprisoned as well. And evidence that the women who were passing notes to their men outside begging to be killed for what was being done (and presumably, to their children).

This old post at Boing Boing is a good place to refresh your memory.

I’m already getting sick just thinking about how horrendous the footage must be if Rummy himself called it “inhuman”. 2006 senate races are just around the corner. Remember this mantra: GOP: Proudly torturing children since 2002.

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