Wednesday, July 27, 2005

This just stinks like Rummy is finally seriously considering pulling the troops because he knows there’s going to be a shitstorm of epic proportions once the 2nd wave of Abu Ghraib photos/videos comes out and the fecal matter seriously hits the fan. Which leaves me conflicted. Troop pullout is good of course provided there’s some level of security to protect innocent Iraqi civilians from the criminals/terrorists. It might even be good anyway if that would genuinely put a dent in the bombings. But a troop pullout in shame because of atrocities committed in their name? Humiliating. Infuriating. Sickening. I’ll admit there’s a part of me that almost wants the troops to stick around long enough to do enough good to clear our national name. But is my (or our) clear conscious worth putting more innocents at risk with our continued presence? No.

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