Thursday, August 04, 2005

Note to self:

If you insist on continuing to frequent the nice, cheap Vietnamese hair salon up the block do not agree to work on a webcam project at work that will require you to look at yourself onscreen many times a day. Isn’t it bad enough you make other people look at the trainwreck you optimistically call a “hairdo” all day long? Granted, the Critter does find it fascinating and likes to grab great big handfuls when you give him belly kisses, so you may be protecting him from developing a clown phobia. And it does act as a sort of natural birth control, given Curt's reaction. But as soon as it grows out a little you really must get yourself to a proper hairstylist who specializes in naturally curly hair. Or point the webcam over the cube wall.

Sincerely, Self.

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