Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Rules Are For Sissies....

So say the Oregon House GOP members who have apparently managed to kill SB1000 (the Civil Union Bill) once and for all by **big surprise** changing the legilative rules to make DAMNED sure it won't make it out of committee. I really hope there's a backlash from this kind of bullying behavior come election time. As a general rule, Oregonians don't like their representatives dicking around and subverting the will of the majority. And the majority does support Civil Unions, if not same sex 'marriage' per se.... Hell even my neighbor who had the gall to knock on my door last year asking me to sign the petition to get that Maude-aweful Measure 36 on the ballot said she'd have no problem with civil unions. If Minnis has her way and kills the issue this session I smell a new Civil Union initiative in the works and I'll be marching right over to her door demanding she put her signature where her mouth is.

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