Tuesday, October 25, 2005

No Time for NaNoWriMo?

Defective Yeti's got a brilliant idea: The NaNoWriMo For Lazy People. Come On - I double-dog dare ya'. Mostly because short stories match my recent available attention span and I'm too broke to buy any more reading material. And have no time to hit the library. So I want yours :) I'll give it a shot, too but don't bet on getting anything meaningful out of me. Frankly my fingers have been so busy madly being crossed and clenching in prayer to the powers that be in hopes of actual indictments coming down re: Rove/Libby, DeLay and Frist that they've been unavailable for more productive pursuits like typing long uninspired posts about each case. So do your part and say a little prayer that nothing happens to old Fitz the Special Prosecutor... I mean how in the hell did they let this guy actually DO A GOOD JOB? How did that happen? You know things are starting to spiral out of control a the Okie Dokie Repub Corral when they screw up and actually put someone COMPETENT in charge.

Actually, Curt and I have been tossing around the idea of writing a children's book. We're starting to read some of the crap out there and come on, how hard could it be? Start with a cute character or two, throw in some lyrical prose/alliteration/rhyme and voila! Goodnight Moon. Apparently all you need is a paragraph. An entire book comprised of less than a dozen sentences. One per page. That's more my style. Well, not here where I blather on and on about whatever's going through my head, usually in megalong run-on sentences with entirely WAY too many commas, made-up words and almost always employing the passive voice that would have my old college journalism prof turning over in her grave. Though my high school journalism teacher was quite charmed by my writing style. As he put it "I can't put my finger on it. It's not that your grammer is technically wrong... it's just not quite correct". As any of you more copy editor types out there have surely witnessed, I've gone downhill from there and frequently frolic in the land of grammatical ineptitude.

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