Monday, November 21, 2005

Excitement Free Zone

This time, I'm not getting excited.  I'm not posting pictures, not even crossing my fingers.  Until AFTER the inspection on Wednesday.  Hell, maybe not even until after we close & move in.  But if I were to have gotten excited, it would have been because we made an offer on a house Saturday and it was accepted yesterday.  A 1978 split level. yes, I know BUT that happens to be the most common floorplan that is most conducive to having a mother in law stay with us (within our price range, that is).  It's been totally cleaned up & repaired... new paint, new fixtures, new carpet, new linoleum (the faux stone stuff I like because it looks EXACTLY like tile but is softer on little baby heads). Nicely landscaped.  Huge kitchen - range and dishwasher are old but the old cabinets were stained a beautiful cherry finish that look new.   New sink.  Gorgeous decks on the backside.... one with a view of Mt. St. Helens over the neighbor's roof!!!  In fact, if we put in a window in the dining room... we could watch all of her eruptions from there.  Pretty cool, huh? Could use some prettying up on the outside (shutters and different paint, eventually new windows/front door or other more extensive entry "makeover"). But otherwise?  Totally move-in ready.  Which it looks like we'll have to do before we leave for as week in Indiana at Christmas.   Ugh.  Good thing we'd all pretty much agreed to go low-key & cheap for Christmas 'cuz I sure won't time to shop!  Though I'd hoped to make the Critter's first Christmas a little more memorable.  Not for him (I know he won't remember) but for us. 

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