Friday, November 18, 2005


Last night the Critter got two baths.  Thanks to Mommy not realizing the sitter had left some formula mixed in with the bottle of breastmilk she sent home with us and giving the bottle to the boy following our trip to the grocery store.  Who, in his own defense *did* give us fair warning about his imminent pukage by waking up and whimpering in his crib a couple of times after we put him to bed (a fairly unusual occurance lately... the frequent wakings in the evening that is).  Which warning we did ignore by simply retrieving the binky and patting his little head and shushing him back to sleep.  The sleep which was next interrupted by a pitiful wail, emanating from a puke-covered baby wallowing in his own puddle of regurgitated organic sweet potato and chicken dinner.  Which he had so enjoyed going down.  Shame. Hope it doesn't sour him on sweet potato forever.  
For those keeping track at home - that's two puke fests in two weeks.  One viral induced, one bad-formula (and bad mommy) induced.  Don't worry, bad-mommy got her come-uppance in the second round of come-upping when she couldn't get the baby to the sink fast enough and was coated in vomit for her tardiness.  The 3rd round came when Daddy was trying to get the baby dressed and diapered and forgot to grab the handy-dandy puke pail bad-Mommy had used while giving the Critter his second bath.  Bad-Mmommy may have even thought to herself "maybe I should tell Daddy to be sure the puke pail accompanies the child" before summarily thinking "fuck it - I've got puke in my hair... let him deal with it" and once again may have earned herself another come-uppance when the 3rd come-upping erupted all over her & Daddy's down comforter.  But then again... Daddy hogs the comforter anyway so no big loss.
An hour or two and one bottle of formula-free Mommy's milk later the Critter was once again feeling himself with no further come-upping in sight.    And cracking Mommy up while sprawled, exhausted - in the parental bed with his little pinkie hooked in the corner of Daddy's sleeping mouth, the vision of a Minnie Me Moment.
Tomorow Daddy & the Critter will be staying at home while Mommy accompanies the realtor for one more marathon house hunt, since yes... the real estate gods shit on our second deal, too.  Let's hope the 3rd time is a charm.

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