Thursday, November 17, 2005

Kind of fun

I typically avoid memes like the plague, but Sarahlynn hooked me with this one:
Google your first name + "needs" and find out what the internet thinks you need.  Kind of puts your life in perspective, no?
So according to the GoogleGods, MustangSally* needs:
A New Pair of shoes (actually just got 'em, thanks)
donations to help pay for costly cancer treatment :(  (thank Maude, no...!!  Knock on wood!)
a few acting lessons
some nookie (well, yes, that always helps)
a family that is patient  (yep)
spice in her journal (very true - it's become veritably vanilla lately)
a life (not true - mine is keeping me way too busy lately.  Resulting in item just above).
help (who can't?)
minor healing from surgery  (again, no - thank Maude)
a good critique (maybe... though I should warn you I don't take criticism well).
some fucking watts - turn the muther fucker up really loud
to write us, we are all feeling FRISKY
lot of positive vibes sent her way (always.... still no word on if they've accepted our offer on the 2nd house!)
*obviously, not what I actually googled.

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