Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Modern Maritime Mystery

Cargo ship possible victim of pirates off European coast? Sounds like a plot line from Clive Cussler. Where is Dirk Pitt when you need him?

Cussler is one of my not-so-guilty pleasures. I just found out he's written a children's book The Adventures of Vin Fiz and another will be released next year The Adventures of Hotsy Totsy. I'd buy the first one to introduce MickeyD to one of my favorite authors but one of the editorial reviews on Amazon is a little disturbing: "Unfortunately, the book suffers from...problems with gender stereotypes. Lacey, the female twin, is never the hero in the adventures. " Sounds like a lot of his adult books. While his female characters are generally very smart, competent and not of the annoying damsel in distress stereotype who faints at the first sign of conflict, they're never the protagonist with the superhero-like abilities of his heroes either. Would it really be so hard?

Clive, you need to read some Sci-Fi. May I suggest David Weber? There's a male author who has mastered the art of creating awe-inspiring female protagonists that kick ass. Too bad Weber hasn't written any children's books. Those I'd like to see.

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