Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Summer Rain

Never fails in the summer... we have weeks of clear blue skies and temps of 80, 90, 100+ degrees and the first day we get any substantial cloud cover and rain? It's the night of the Perseid Meteor Shower. Oh well - at least I got a good night's sleep. But after the last few weeks of blistering heat the rain is a very welcome old friend. I love just sitting out on the covered porch listening to the fat drops fall through the trees. You'd think rain is just rain, but not so. Here in the NW it plays a different sensory melody with every season.

Summertime rain is the most welcome, and the sweetest smelling as it washes all the grit and grime from the air, greens up the wilting landscape and sends any mosquitos, gnats and other flying pests diving for cover instead of sensitive skin. The warm temperatures and sound of gentle plip plop plops falling through the thick canopy of maple and other ornamental trees of the suburban jungle is very inviting to native webfeet. MickeyD celebrated the unexpected shower by taking an old paint roller Mr. Stang had given him as a toy and scrubbing the mud from the cars.

Love that kid.

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