Friday, September 11, 2009

Friday Critter Blogging

Tiger Whinger..
Is being surgically emasculated today. I don't know what he's going to be most pissed off about - losing his testicles or not being able to eat for almost 24 hours.
In other news, Mr. Stang is cleaning out the garage so we can get the pottery "studio" up and running again. He just called to ask if he can throw away old paperwork from a box of mine that's 10 years old. 
In the box was my passport.

I've been looking for that damned thing for 8 years, 4 moves, and one honeymoon cruise.  I had visions of taking off on a whim to see Europe on one of the new direct flights Lufthansa began offering from PDX to Frankfurt in 2003.
The irony?  Earlier this year Lufthansa announced they were cancelling that direct flight due to the shitty economy. The last direct flight is tomorow, Sept. 12.    And the passport expires in November.   At least Delta/NW is still offering a direct flight to Amsterdam. 

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