Friday, October 30, 2009

This is why...

I worked so hard to get this administration elected:

"the Obama administration has recommended political asylum for a Guatemalan woman fleeing horrific abuse by her husband, the strongest signal yet that the administration is open to a variety of asylum claims from foreign women facing domestic abuse. "

In this whole send more troops/bring them home from Afghanistan debate my central concern has always been - what course of action will *actually* improve the lives of women and children there.  At this point, the warmongers can go shoot themselves - I don't give a shit so long as innocents are not caught in the crossfire. If we open the doors for the women to come live where they'll have half a chance, the warmongers can all go fuck themselves, too.  And maybe be "incentivized" to try to make their hellhole somewhat safe for human existence (especially female & small humans... because I am biased that way).

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