Thursday, October 29, 2009

A Day In The Life

Do you remember back in the late 80's those incredible A Day in the Life of..... Ireland, America, the Soviet Union, China, etc. photographic coffee table books?  The editors had hundreds of professional photographers deployed across an entire country on a single day to capture the amazing diversity and everyday lives of everyday residents.   Whenever I was lucky enough to visit someone who had one, I'd spend hours drooling over every page.

Now, with the miracle of digital photography and the internet you don't have to shell out a half a paycheck, wait for professional photographers and capricious book publishers to live so vicariously. We have blogs. And now that I've found  "CityDailyPhoto" blogs, I'm in heaven.   You an explore the mundanity of a stranger's everyday life and feel a connection of kinship.   See a picture of a kid's bicycle abandoned for a jump in the crisp fall leaves somewhere in Greece and think, "hey - that could have been taken in *my* front yard yesterday!"

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