Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Shameless Begging

You may have noticed the ads on the sidebar of this blog.  I hope they're not too annoying.   So far, since relaunching this blog this summer I've made a whopping $3.98 in commisions.   If I have any hopes of buying the new ultra-zoon digital camera I want, I need to bump the decimal a couple digits to the right, people.

So with Christmas fast approaching please think about doing some of your online shopping from here.

Amazon - Do you really need to go anywhere else??

Barnes & Noble  

The 2010  Sierra Club 2010 Engagement Calendar is now available, FYI!  I love this calendar - I've gotten either it or the Audubon Calendar every year for a decade. Proceeds help out very good organizations, and the weekly pictures inside are breathtaking.

Chef's Catalog -
Free Gift With Purchase from a Wide Selection of Brands!All things for the cooking hobbyist or home entertainer. This particular item could be a great gift for idiots such as myself who have no idea what are "good" wines, and what wines go with what foods.... Electronic Pocket Wine Guide They should have one on hand in every wine section of every grocery store across America.
Ooh, here's a nifty product: 3-in-1 Lasagna Pan

The battery casing on my Canon Powershot is cracked.  If you want to see some less grainy/blurry photos next year, help me out a little?

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