Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Direct Oregon to Vancouver, B.C. Amtrak Cascades Service Now Available

I'd known it was coming, but missed when it went live.   Just in time for the run up to the Vancouver, B.C. Winter Olympic Games..... Amtrak Cascades can now take you all the way from Eugene, OR to Vancouver, B.C.  Previously you could only go as far as Seattle or Bellingham on the train, then had to hop on a bus to get to Vancouver.  Or so I was told - I never actually tried it because it was a hassle.

Now Amtrak is offering 25% off all Cascades fares to Vancouver, B.C. through the end of the year.   If planning such a trip, be sure to check the new border crossing I.D. requirements.   For adults, a passport or "enhanced drivers license" (available only in the states of WA, NY, VT, and MI)  is required for all land/sea crossings into Canada.   Since my long lost passport expires at the end of November, I'd better get busy!  Here's info on how to get an EDL in Washington State.

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