Monday, October 26, 2009

Why Google can be Dangerous to your Mental Health

Still here.  I've just been busy - what with the weekend trips to the beach and Gramma's, and another Into The Woods Adventure with Grampa in search of fall color bookending two weeks of mad craziness at work (the good kind), and the ongoing oinking hypochondria and all.  Pics and tales of weekend adventures to follow, but in the meantime, I've found this to be the PERFECT swine flu resource:

That and googling headache + sore throat + swolen lymph nodes + fatigue = NO fever (at this point I'll be relieved if it's H1N1 and not something truly fatal) , and seeing what you can get from flea bites (first results are *nothing* but a scratchy rash.... but seems like they were responsible for a little something called the Bubonic Plague, weren't they?).  Since getting aggressive with treating the dog and cats with Advantage the last two months the vermin are desperately seeking non-toxic human hosts.  Obsessive vacuuming, Kittlin bathing and application of non-toxic diatomaceous earth is helping, but we're still wroking on eradicating the little buggers.

OK - just googled Bubonic Plague + Fleas.   DO NOT try this at home.  If my throat isn't better in the morning I'm calling the doctor, dammit.

In other news...  Mr. Stang acceidentally left a 2 lb block of Mozzarella cheese out on the counter last night.  This morning, all that was left was the plastic wrap and a very pleased Black Lab.  Cross your fingers we don't end up in the vet's by tomorow.  I'm thinking a really, REALLY long walk may be in order.

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