Monday, February 08, 2010

My Super Bowl Sunday

The pre-game show started about 10:00, when I took the Monkey to the craft store to pick out his own yarn and hopefully some kid-sized (and safer) knitting needles than the 14" #7's he'd found in my craft box the day before and had been mercilessly begging to use ever since.  His sides hurt, he said.  Normally very stoic, the wincing and grimacing on the way home gave me a clue as to what was in store . 

Clutching his side, he said ever so sweetly, "I'm sorry Mommy but I don't think I'll be able to make you something today.  Maybe tomorow."  Foregoing craft projects?  Voluntarily?  Oh crap it's gonna be bad.  And it was.

The Main Event kicked off right on schedule - 3:25.  The half-digested eggs and hot cocoa from breakfast were the first to make it to the endzone. I took a Timeout to regroup and figure out the best way to clean up puke from a shag carpet without tossing my own breakfast. I somehow managed to hang on and make steady, if slow progress - not losing any yards against my unseen opponant until halftime, when Round 2 started. 

By this time, however I'd analyzed the playbook of my adversary and came prepared with my OWN Super Bowl:

Made of durable pink plastic, Kitchenaid mixing bowls are lightweight, clean up easy and come equipped with a handle just the right size for little hands to grasp when overcome with stomache cramps.  High walls keep the ensuing mess well-contained and the non-slip, no tip base is a life saver when quickly setting down on endtables or countertops while reaching for warm, soothing wet washclothes.

Pouring edge makes disposal of resulting mess a snap. This is a truly, and remarkable Super Bowl.

Needless to say, I missed whatever game was on T.V.   I hear the Colts choked.   The Monkey hasn't eaten anything solid in over 24 hours, but his last go-around with the heaves was around 3 am and he's been able to keep down clear fluids since then.  So I think we're on the mend.  But he's still not up for crafts.  According to a co-worker I wasn't the only parent up all night fighting the Intestinal Flu-bugs so I guess there's something going around.

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