Thursday, February 11, 2010

PSA: Don't poison your dog with Sugar Free Jello Pudding Cups

Some weeks zip on by, others just draaaaggg....

This is one of those weeks.  Jinx is fine, by the way.  Now.  Tuesday night however we weren't so sure.  The Monkey had been sick since Sunday.  The heaves had stopped but he still couldn't keep anything down and had a slight fever.  Lethargic doesn't begin to describe it.  Stuporous? Maybe.  Freakishly inert, in any case.  All he wanted to do was sleep, and no food kept down in 72 hours.  So we were a little worried.  In an effort to tempt his appetite I'd bought several varieties of pudding cups.  Because who can resist pudding?  EXACTLY!!!   One variety happened to be sugar free.  And had Xylitol in it (you know... the sweetener in gum that's known to KILL DOGS??) .  And because I'm an annoying know-it-all and read the ingredients of almost every damned product I buy I told Mr. Stang when brought it home, "Oh, by the way honey... this pudding has XYLITOL in it, so DO NOT give Jinx the empty cup to lick like you usually do (she loves licking pudding cups, yogurt cups, ice cream cups... we love watching her get them stuck on her long nose).  He nodded his head (I thought in understanding).

Turns out, not so much.  Because Tuesday night, he gave our beloved black Lab the last half of the Boston Cream Jello pudding cup the Monkey had refused to eat.  I heard the ecstatic licking from across the room and asked "that is NOT the pudding with the POISON in it I TOLD YOU not to give to her, right?"  Wrong.

By this time, I'm getting sick myself with some crap my coworker brought to the office (thankfully not the same gut bug as the Monkey) so I'm feverish, coughing and exhausted while trying to detach a very sick child from the couch to take a bath.  Mr. Stang is running around looking for some kind of measuring device and the hydrogen peroxide to try to induce vomiting (something the vet tech later said, by the way you should not do at home because it can burn the esophogus and cause more problems than whatever they ingested).  I am trying really hard to not bust a "Goddamit I TOLD YOU SO"gasket because that would be entirely non-constructive.  Poor Jinx is just confused and trying to figure to why we're shoving bubbly stuff down her throat.   I'm calling and getting directions to the emergency vet clinic just in case she starts seizing.

Guess we got it out of her in time - she never showed any sign of distress.  Mr. Stang stayed up with her all night just to make sure.  It's sure some week though when you're simultaneously trying to get the kid to quit puking and the dog to START puking.  

Friday can't come quick enough.  I stayed home yesterday and the Monkey and I slept all day. He's eating now (though lost a couple of pounds) and was cleared by the doctor this morning.  I'm still under the weather but am back at work.  Jinx, thank all the gods is perfectly fine and still doesn't understand what all the commotion was about.  Mr. Stang is still torturing himself with guilt.  I'm not trying very hard to stop him.

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