Monday, March 15, 2010


I am.  I miss my dog.  I miss my kitties.  Mostly I miss my bed.

From a Monkey standpoint the flight was much better. But the two poor souls who lost their breakfasts coming into Denver on the first leg probably wouldn't agree. I almost lost mine, too. Thankfully the kid with the super sensitive gag reflex next to me chose to finally fall asleep before the bad turbulence so he didn't catch a telltale whiff or sound like the rest of us, or he'd have been hurling in sympathy. Second flight, thank Maude was smooth and trouble free.

Indiana's not bad, it's just not home.  First few days were spent in the Indianapolis 'burbs at  my FIL's.  Used to be a farm town, now the strip malls have taken over the corn fields.  Nothing like when Mr. Stang was growing up there.  Then it was a 3 hour drive down south to the MIL's.  Southern Indy is full of rolling hills and state forests.  It reminds me a lot of Yamhill County in Oregon.  Only more corn fields, fewer wineries and fir trees, and prettier brick houses. 

I'm working up the courage to tell my MIL however that I would prefer to transfer to the guest room at SIL's house on the other side of town.  We're in the basement.  Next to a very loud, obnoxious furnace.  That fires up about once an hour. And you can hear every creak of every footstep upstairs.  The Monkey and I are light sleepers. I'd be OK with earplugs, except he wakes up and starts tossing and turning (after insisting on sharing the single airbed with me).  So no sleep for us the last two nights. With the Monkey high on sugar and birthday party adrenaline (SIL had bought him a pinata) it's been a challenge.

But I've found a coffee shop with free wifi and caffeine so I'm happy for the time being.  Will have to wait until I get home to post video and pics of the party.

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