Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Leaving, on a jetplane....

We are, that is.  Tomorow a.m.  to see the in-laws in the Midwest.  On the one hand:  UGH I hate to fly.  On the other hand, the Monkey is so much easier to travel with now at 5 (in 5 days!!)  than he was at 18 months, when we flew to Houston and he did not stop screaming ONCE.  Or kicking the seat of the woman in front of him.  That was the time I thought I'd be all Super Safety Mom. buy his own ticket, take his carseat on the plane and actually try to use it IN the seat (there's turbulence and stuff you know).  Huge mistake.  HUGE.  First, the screaming - he did not want to be in said seat but airline regulation was such that if we had it he had to be strapped in (or something... it's a little vague.  I may have misunderstood).  Second, did you know that by boosting your toddler 6 inches up from the regular airline seat, they are then 6 inches closer to the seat of the passenger in front?  Puts 'em right in prime kicking position. 

I have never in my life endured such evil looks as the ones I received from the woman unfortunately seated (in the full flight, of course) in front of my little monster. And rightfully so.  Halfway through the flight she was actually begging the flight attendant for tranquilizers.  So was I.  Alas, that was not part of in-flight service.   Which reminds me:   SHIT I forgot to buy ear plugs when I was out and about picking up last minute necessities today!  However, having totally exhausted every discipline/soothing tactic in my repertoir (you can't exactly send the kid to time-out on a plane, especially when there actually IS turbulence and you are NOT free to walk about the cabin...) it was either be mama of screaming child or abusive mama of possibly quiet child (but probably still screaming).  So major apologies, ma'am- I still feel for you.  Really.  We were all miserable.  But what did you expect me to do?  Throw him into the cargo hold?  Smother him?  At least the nice young girls behind us were trying to distract and entertain him. 

Anyway... knocking on entire forests of wood I fully expect tomorow's flight to be infinitely better. 

On a totally unrelated sidenote.  If I ever left Mr. Stang it would be for my chiropractor.  For the last several weeks my back has been twisted up like a cord at the kwiki-mart payphone.  I was NOT looking forward to flying in that condition.  Then my doc made it all go away.  Bless his healing hands - I'm in love.   Mr. Stang knows this, and totally understands.  He's actually a little jealous (of me, not our doctor.  The man is that good).

Happy spring to everyone!

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