Monday, April 26, 2010

Tulips and T-Ball

First game of the season and we were rained out after one inning.  At least everyone on both teams was able to hit once!  Gramma and Grampa came up from the coast to witness the historic event. And brought the newest addition to their menagerie. 

Meet the cutest longhaired Chihuahua you've ever seen (ignore the messy kitchen though?  Kai thainx!):

Here's the team, taking the field:

This little girl, in pigtails is so adorable I can't stand it:

She's really, really good, too!  Here's the Monkey:

And the peanut gallery (Daddy and Gramma):

On Sunday we headed up to Woodland, Washington for Lilac Days at the Hulda Kluger Lilac Gardens
and stopped at the Tulip Festival at the Holland America Bulb farm to let the Monkey burn off some steam tiptoe-ing through the tulips:

I strongly resisted the urge to order some of these.
 It was really, really hard:
But I've about blown my plant budget for the year getting the patio garden set up.  Green onions and lettuce made it to the dinner table on Saturday.  I hope they're worth it!

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Gettysburg Mom said...

Love the lilacs!

And that is taking container gardening to an awesome new level! Hope the lettuce was tasty!