Monday, November 10, 2003

Introducing the Double-Doh!'s....

I've gotten exactly jack squat done at work today. That should be a standard unit of measurement, you know - "jack squat" - or maybe "jane squat" to be equitable.

In any case - I've christened the Buying Dept. the "Double Doh!" department and it seems to fit. Thankfully they've all been out of the office this week but boy did they try to fuck us over before they left. Jan asked them to do one simple thing to help us enable CostMart's recent bug up the ass decision to put our area rugs on their website. Find out why they'd need the freight broken out as a separate line item from the sku (it's not with the in-store area rugs). Because depending on their answer, this could have significant impact on us when all the data starts flying electronically. Like we won't get paid for the freight - on *either* the online *or* online rugs. They basically lied to our faces in the meeting to discuss and said "sure" but then when Jan asked them the next day what CostMart had said they not only hadn't asked, but flat out refused to do so. Basically they'd called the meeting in the first place to try to dump the whole damned project in our laps (as usual) - nevermind that it is very much NOT our job to deal with Costmart or our vendors) and when we didn't take the bait they said "fuck it - IT/Acctg will be forced to deal with it when it all falls apart after we go live".

Once Jan figured out their motives she put the fear of Stan (the owner) into Lauri without the John-Doh! buying manager part of the equation in attendance and got her to play nice. One call to CostMart determined it was a non-issue. See how hard that was?

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