Tuesday, May 11, 2004

I keep forgetting to mention

(though maybe I'm in denial) that I'm going in for sinus surgery on Thursday. Technically, it's "Bilateral Endoscopic Ethnoidectomy with Maxillary antracamies" or something like that. Sounds a bit like a Star Trek episode where they implant something in your head in some sci-fi version of an anthropology study, doesn't it? It's an outpatient thing but I'll be under general anesthetic. Which is a good thing - because it will go something like that scene in Total Recall where Arnold pulls the homing signal out of his head through his nostril. Twice. Four days of recovery, then, they say. But it will be so nice to not have this constant pain in my face. I'm trying to focus on the results, not how much it will hurt while I'm getting there.

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