Thursday, May 13, 2004

This had better be worth it.

Serious. The surgery went fine, but thanks to the PPO gods I was kicked to the curb just 2 hours post op still "leaking" or as most people would say "bleeding like a pig" and nauseous as hell. The bums waiting for the bus on Burnside got a treat on the way home - watching me barf blood into a bag I was given especially for that purpose while we were sitting at a red light in traffic during rush hour. Curt had to pull over once just to change my sodden bandage. I think I ruined my shirt and one of his that he happened to have in the trunk while mopping up.

But for the short time I was at the hospital they were all very nice and comforting and caring. And at the time I was pretty happy to get out of there. I hate hospitals. Hate sick people. Most of all hate being one of 'em. My nose itself doesn't hurt that much - I've just got one hell of an overall headache the nurses chalked up to caffeine withdrawal, but I think it's anesthetic hangover. What's really shitty is having to breathe out of my mouth nonstop. My throat was so damned dry after the surgery from the tube, I felt like an icechip whore. But my throat seriously kept closing up from the dryness. It's worse when I try to sleep. I'm totally exhausted but have to keep my head elevated to keep the blood and crap from draining into my stomach - but everytime I drift off my throat softens, I start to snore and choke myself. I'd better be able to at least breathe a little through my nose tomorow. Getting shaky - must go.

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